About Us

Two professionals full of energy undertake this exciting project bringing experience, vision and enthusiasm.

Convinced of the cosmopolitan values that unite us, and heirs of a common history, our will is to bring together multiple cultures, generate business opportunities and promote an inclusive gastronomy.

‘Food is our common ground, a universal experience’

Ágata Albero

Her interest in healthy food and gastronomy has always been an essential part of her life. In 2012 she decides to start a cooking blog and immediately has been offered innovative gastronomy projects, in which she gets passionately involved. She creates and leads for 3 years a gastronomy workshop in a public market of Barcelona. Just two years after its creation, in October 2015, it receives the maximum award given by the Barcelona City Hall to markets.

This relation with the IMMB (Municipal Institute of Barcelona Markets) expands to other markets in the city, organizing gastronomic events of all kinds. In April 2016 she organizes the first halal show-cooking in the framework of the first International Halal Congress at the Alimentaria Exhibition. Her interest in halal food arises when she realizes its links with natural cooking, respect for healthy food and healthy gastronomy.
Her pedagogic side makes her go a step further, turning this project into a meeting point among cultures to encourage mutual understanding and peace.

Javier Albarracín

With nearly 20 years of experience in the Middle East and North Africa, and after having designed and organized many conferences, seminars, working groups, trade missions and training sessions, he decides to enter the world of halal food. Aware of the strength of this concept, its transversal scope and its capacity to generate complementarities and business opportunities, he decides to create Barcelona Halal Services, with the aim of encouraging Barcelona to capitalize this great potential.
With this objective he organized the first International Halal Congress at the Alimentaria Exhibition in 2016.
In parallel, aware of its present and future relevance, he has taught courses on how to manage multiculturalism in Arab and Muslim environments.