Our multidisciplinary team of professionals has accumulated years of experience in each of their food specialities, thus allowing them to successfully manage halal projects. this proven experience allows us to inspire, define and develop services such as the following:


To define, organize and lead congresses, conferences, working groups and seminars related to the halal sector and its business potential.

Training and Consulting

The experience of more than 20 years working and managing projects in Muslim countries brings an expert knowledge of the cultural and business idiosyncrasy of these markets. Barcelona Halal Services offers training on the critical cultural elements required to build bridges with people, companies and institutions in these countries.

  • Brief contextualization of the current situation of the Muslim markets of interest.
  • Identity and social and cultural idiosyncrasy of the Arab and Muslim markets of interest.
  • Business culture of the Muslim markets and analysis of patterns of individual and collective consumption of this type of consumers.
  • Expectations and mutual perceptions when establishing business relationships.
  • Personal advice on how to management visits and meetings with people of Muslim background.