Chef Halal

An exclusive tailor made gastronomy service with expert chefs using only permitted halal products.

This is a unique tailored gastronomy service with expert professional chefs using only halal products.

Private Chef:

Enjoy a private chef service at your home in Barcelona whenever you wish. Enjoy the flavours of the local cuisine with halal local and ecological ingredients.
We also offer you the opportunity of enjoying world cuisines or our fusion menu, always with halal ingredients.
We can also adapt the menus to your preferences, tastes and needs: vegan cuisine, vegetarian, raw food, macrobiotic…

Our chefs are ready to adapt our menus to any food intolerance or allergy.

Diner in the chef’s home:

A XVI century palace: Enjoy a private dinner in a historic and emblematic building located in the centre of Barcelona, home of our chef, and enjoy a unique gastronomical experience.

Loft, photography studio: Enjoy a private dinner for you and your guests in the charismatic neighbourhood of Poble Nou in Barcelona.

Chef at the sea:

We go to your yacht in the Barcelona harbour and cook on board for your guests.

Private events:

We can offer you a tasteful catering for companies or individuals with halal products and ingredients.

Show-cooking and cooking classes:

We bring our team of professionals to offer you show-cooking or participative cooking classes of different kinds, always with halal ingredients: local cuisine, international, molecular, vegan, vegetarian, bread production, bakery…

Contact us to request a quote or for more information:






(Basque Country, Spain)

After studying in catering schools in Madrid and Geneva she moves to Paris, where she works as private chef freelance gastronomy stylist for several French gastronomy publications such as group Marie Claire, becoming the head of its ‘Marie Claire ideas’ cooking section for 10 years. This allows her to travel extensively and collaborate with well-known chefs from France, Spain, Mexico and Peru, thus learning cooking traditions and techniques from different countries. When returning to Barcelona she studies natural cooking in the Montse Bradford cooking school, specializing in macrobiotic, vegetarian and vegan cooking.
Anna Torrontegui lives in a XVI century palace that opens its doors for special occasions and intimate cooking events, making it a unique dinner experience.
This chef also opens the doors of her diaphanous photo studio loft with terrace in the emblematic Barcelona neighbourhood of Poble Nou.
Anna’s cooking is essentially Mediterranean. She enjoys creating easy and healthy gastronomy, merging cultures, ingredients and techniques.

‘I like hosting people; I enjoy taking care of all the details around a table, creating a unique atmosphere for each event. I only consider it a success when I see my guests enjoying. Cooking is my passion.’

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, French and English


(Calabria, Italy)

Being very creative and culturally active, he has travelled around the world during several years. After working as manager of several companies Ascanio decides to settle down in Barcelona and develop one of his main passions: cooking. He studies cooking in the prestigious Hofmann cooking school of Barcelona.
His obsession with quality and processes makes him innovate permanently with ingredients, searching new results and products. He enjoys applying new cooking techniques to traditional products, with elegant and surprising results.
Offering menus where guests can intensively distinguish all the different flavours, this chef defines his cooking as ‘honest’.
His cooking is essentially Mediterranean, always served in a creative and amusing way.

‘I love eating, ergo I eat! I love people, ergo I cook for them’

Language: Italian, Spanish and English.


(Barcelona, Spain)

Cook trained at the prestigious Hofmann cooking school of Barcelona, trainer of oven bread in the Barcelona Reykjavik, nutritionist and teacher of natural cooking.
Experiencing through different environments of healthy cooking, David collaborates with both well established and emergent natural cooking schools in order to bring knowledge on healthy food to everybody.
Being an open-minded professional, he is always hungry to develop new gastronomy and food concepts.
Being chef for more than 20 years, he is still passionate about his daily profession. He is constantly learning and teaches in several cooking schools.
His gastronomy is creative, tasteful and always, always, healthy.

‘Cooking, sharing and teaching are my passions’

Languages: Spanish, Catalan and English.


(Badalona, Spain)

After several years learning through different gastronomy paths, the need of being by the sea brings Memé to the kitchens of luxury private yachts. By the sea is where all of Memé’s cooking legacy and learning shows its best.
During this period, and after several years of building cooking trust with clients, they bring her to their home kitchens. There, she cooks for private events, family gatherings and public ceremonies.
Meanwhile, she has collaborated with several catering companies.
Trained by the chef Tony Botella, in his unique school of void cooking TBTC, she becomes his collaborator and improves her techniques, thus diversifying her cooking knowledge.
Her cooking has a personal home touch, where all details matter and where her demanding character gets reflected.

em>‘My main characteristic is that relying on my roots, I have no cooking limits’
‘In a yacht, I transfer my gastronomy and savoir faire deep into the sea, where the courses are defined by the sea and the guests’

Languages: Catalan and Spanish